Article 1 - Purpose

The present general terms of sale apply to any contract for the purchase of services via the Clicplanning website.

Article 2 Vendor details

Clicplanning is a division of the Sybex International SPRL Group. Contracts entered into via the Clicplanning website are made directly with:

Sybex International SPRL

Head office : Avenue de la Couronne 311



Tel.: 00 32 2 626 16 88

Fax : 00 32 2 626 16 80


NBR : 0435.430.129

VAT : BE 0435.430.129

Article 3 Terms of use of website

By entering into a contract through the Clicplanning website, the client undertakes to respect the website user charter which forms an integral part of the contract. The charter is a living document.

Article 4 Intellectual property rights

"Clicplanning" is a trademark protected internationally.

The Clicplanning website, its logo, its design and layout, the elements it contains and the services it offers are protected under legislation relating to intellectual and industrial property rights (copyright, authors' rights, brands, drawings and models, commercial secrets, etc.). The signing up of a contract through the Clicplanning website involves no transfer to the client of rights whatsoever in respect of such elements which may not be copied or imitated.

Within the sole framework of the management of its marketing and communication actions in regard to its contacts, Clicplanning only grants the client a non-exclusive, non-transferable license for Clicplanning online services in accordance with the terms laid down in this document.

The Clicplanning online service may be used by clients and their associated user accounts and/or their representatives acting on their behalf, not including subsidiaries and/or head offices.

Clients shall refrain from diverting to their own uses or those of third-parties, the concept or any Clicplanning elements or components of the Clicplanning online service. Clients shall refrain from using any operation models and any documents whatsoever made available to them within the context of their use of the Clicplanning online service and/or beyond the duration of this contract.

Article 5- Pricing

5.1. All prices and delivery charges are shown on the site in euros, 21% Belgian VAT not included (see prices/orders page on Clicplanning's website).

Clicplanning makes every effort to display accurate prices. If the price displayed were to prove to be incorrect, we shall not be held liable to delivering the service or the product at a price displayed. Clicplanning will inform you of the error and will convey the correct price to you. We will ask you in such a case whether you wish to maintain your order or cancel it. Clicplanning reserves the right to change its prices at any time, without prior notice, before an order is executed.

5.2. Clicplanning has established specific rates based on a "unit credit" system for its e-mail, encrypted e-mail and SMS message dispatching services as well as for the verification of portable telephone numbers.

Under the proviso of the limitations and conditions described above, one "unit credit" generally represents the equivalent of 1 message sent or 1 verification of a portable telephone number.

The number of "unit credits" required to send a message or verify a portable telephone number may be less than, equal to or greater than one (1) "unit credit". The number of "unit credits" varies as a function of the pack and volume purchased, destination country, operator, telecommunication network and market-price fluctuations.

Clicplanning is dependent on the prices applied in the telecommunication market and may, at any time and without prior notice, alter the number of "unit credits" necessary to carry out an operation, even after the client has purchased "unit credits" or packs.

The "unit credits" may be used up to a maximum of 24 months from the date of purchase. After this time, the unused balance of "unit credits" is finally and irrevocably lost.

The service is automatically suspended if the balance of "unit credits" available is at zero (0) or insufficient to carry out the desired operation.

The client will ensure that there is, at all times, a "unit credit" balance sufficient to allow the proper execution of the services requested and will assume total responsibility for any suspension of services resulting from the balance being insufficient.

The number of "unit credits" required, their period of validity, pack prices and terms are displayed on our website on the prices/orders page.

5.3. The other services offered by Clicplanning are sold in accordance with the terms, limitations and prices displayed on our website on the prices/orders page.

5.4. Clients benefiting from VAT exemption for Clicplanning services must establish the legal conditions for such exemption when placing their orders, and comply with Belgium legislation. The request for VAT exemption must be made when ordering. Any subsequent request for VAT refunds will be rejected. The legal conditions are checked by Clicplanning during and after receipt of the order. In the event of there being an abusive request, VAT fraud or attempted fraud, Clicplanning will immediately block the client's account without prior notice and will keep the amounts received in lieu of damages.

Article 6 Establishment of contract

Any order placed through the Clicplanning website is placed on condition of acceptance by ourselves and implies that the client accepts without reserve the general terms of sale and the user charter.

Once the order has been placed, an e-mail acknowledging receipt of the order will be dispatched. The only purpose of such an e-mail is to confirm receipt of your order and does not amount to acceptance of such. Clicplanning reserves the right to decline any purchase offer for any reason whatsoever.

The e-mail acknowledging receipt of the request will be followed by a second e-mail confirming the order and inviting the client to make a payment.

The contract is only established between the two parties once the requested payment has been made.

Article 7- Payment

The prices for the services purchased are as mentioned on the order form such as confirmed when the order is accepted by Clicplanning.

Services are paid in advance upon receipt of the acceptance of the order.

Payments are made in euros, by credit transfer (order-filling and bank-collection charges are payable by the instructing party), by credit card (see list of cards accepted by Clicplanning) or by any other means of payment shown on our site on the prices/orders page. Unless there is specific prior agreement, cheques are not accepted.

The credit cardholder is fully responsible for any amounts due. By placing an order and by providing data in order for payment to be made, the client accepts that his/her credit card be debited by the amount due.

Article 8 Payment security

Clicplanning takes all possible steps to ensure that the order and payment data is secured.

For payments by credit card, Clicplanning uses an encryption process essential to ensuring a high level of transaction security. The encryption process ensures that the data relating to your credit card is protected.

In the secured zones where the URL begins with 'https://' (where the 's' means secured), the data is encrypted and therefore protected before being transferred via the Internet. Were such data to be intercepted, it would not be readable by any third party.

All of the information contained on this website is protected by specific protection systems.

Article 9 Access to Clicplanning services

Clients have access to the services forming the subject of the contract after their payment has been received.

When the payment is made by credit card, access to services is granted after the periods mentioned on the Clicplanning website.

When payment is made by bank transfer, access to the site is only granted after payment has been actually received.

Clicplanning does its utmost to allow access to services within the periods mentioned on its website. These delivery times are, however, mentioned for information purposes only and Clicplanning shall not be held liable in the event of their being exceeded.

Article 10 Opt-out rights

Clients may not renege on their purchases after the orders have been placed.

The consumers referred to in Article 1.7 of the Belgian Act dated 14 July 1991 relating to commercial practices and consumer information and protection, i.e. "any physical person or moral entity who/which acquires or uses for purposes other than professional, products or services placed on the market" shall not be able to avail themselves of the option to renounce purchases within the seven-day period stipulated under Article 80 of the Act, if the contract entered into via the Clicplanning site is a contract for the supply of services the implementation of which began, with the consumers' agreement, before the expiry of the seven day renunciation period.

Article 11 Technical limitations

Like its clients, suppliers and subcontractors, Clicplanning is dependent on the various telecommunication networks, the World Wide Web (known as the Internet) and the range of software programs and infrastructures used by them.

Clicplanning cannot guarantee that its website will not be affected by break-downs or will be error-free.

The website is offered by Clicplanning "as is". Clicplanning makes no commitments and offers no guarantees whatsoever, whether explicit or implicit, as to the proper operating of the site or as to the information, content, articles or products presented on it. Promotional offers and prices may form the subject of modifications.

Article 12- Responsibilities

12.1. Clicplanning undertakes to make its best efforts to ensure the continuity and quality of the services it offers. In this respect, it commits to taking due care and will only assume responsibility for its own wilful misrepresentations and serious faults whatever be the product or service offered.

More especially, Clicplanning shall not be held liable for the fact that, owing to technical limitations of any kind, particularly in relation to the Internet or the telephony system, messages fail to reach their addressees and are illegible or indecipherable.

12.2. Clicplanning shall not be held liable for any total or partial losses of information from the client, whatever the cause may be, and particularly in the wake of inappropriate handling of the Clicplanning online service relating to user accounts associated to the client.

12.3. Clicplanning shall not be held liable for any mismatch between the services offered and the client's special requirements, owing to the fact that the client will have had access to the service descriptions on the website.

12.4. Clicplanning shall not be held liable for any detrimental effects stemming from the use of its website, including indirect damages such as gains prevented, losses of turnover, etc.

In no event shall the responsibility of Clicplanning exceed the price paid by the client for the last service ordered in the course of the 3 (three) months preceding the occurrence triggering the damage.

Article 13 Force majeure

Clicplanning shall not be held responsible for delays or difficulties in carrying out its obligations in the event of force majeure or events beyond its control, be they natural catastrophes, bad weather, fire, explosions, floods, problems with third parties (suppliers, freight forwarders, telecommunication services, Internet services, providers, hosters, electricity suppliers, etc.), bankruptcy of a supplier or a subcontractor, strikes, accidents, etc.

Article 14 Commercial advertising by e-mail or SMS

The client undertakes to use Clicplanning services respecting national and international rules in force covering the use of e-mail and the telephone for advertising purposes.

The client shall in particular ensure that the provisions of the Act of 11 March 2003 in respect of certain legal aspects of information society services, in particular Article 14 which prohibits using electronic mail for publicity purposes without the prior, free, specific and informed consent of the message addressee.

The client shall also pay special attention to compliance with Article 94/11 of the Act of 14 July 1991 relating to commercial practices, information and consumer protection, as amended by the Act of 5 June 2007, considering as an aggressive commercial practice the fact of repeatedly making undesired solicitations over the telephone or by e-mail.

The client guarantees Clicplanning against any complaints or any legal proceedings instituted by third parties on account of an abusive use of Clicplanning services.

Article 15 - Protection of privacy and the processing of data of of personal nature

15.1. Respect of privacy

Clicplanning respects and protects your privacy. We appreciate the trust you place in us. All the personal data that you convey to us will be treated with the greatest care and utmost confidentiality.

Clicplanning undertakes to protect the confidentiality of your personal data. We use your personal data only in a legal framework.

Our policy regarding the protection of privacy, as described below, concerns all the procedures set in train by Clicplanning in order to protect your personal data. This policy applies only to data collected by Clicplanning via its own website.

Clicplanning abides by the Belgian Act of 8 December 1992 on the protection of privacy in the framework of the processing of data of a personal nature, as amended by the Act of 11 December 1998 transposing the European Directive of 24 October 1995 into the national legislation. This Act provides for the consent of the person having to be obtained in order to be able to collect their personal data; for personal data having to be relevant, appropriate and accurate; and, finally, for such data to be collected for specific, explicit and licit purposes. The person whose personal data is collected has to enjoy right of access to, and rectification of, the data concerning them. Finally, the Act requires a declaration of automatic processing of data of a personal nature to be submitted to the Commission for the Protection of Privacy.

The client also undertakes to respect the framework of these legal provisions or their national and/or international equivalents as well as to do everything in their power to have them respected. It is up to the client to make the appropriate declarations concerning the processing of nominative data, especially to the Commission for the Protection of Privacy and/or any other national or international commissions and/or other competent authorities.

15.2. Declaration of automated processing of data of a personal nature

Clicplanning has declared automatic processing of data of a personal nature and has obtained from the Commission for the Protection of Privacy identification number HM003004101.

15.3. Personal data collected and use thereof

When you place an order on the Clicplanning website, we collect the following personal data :

We will make use of such personal data only in order to:

Using the data you will have conveyed to us, Clicplanning will occasionally get in touch with you by e-mail, post or telephone.

Should you no longer wish to receive information on our products, services or promotional offers, you will be able to unsubscribe from the mailing list upon receipt of the first information bulletin. To do so, suffice it for you to click on the relevant button (on the information bulletin sent by e-mail), or write to us at the address below or by e-mail to

Clicplanning is the sole owner of the data collected on its website. It will not sell, rent or communicate such data to third parties not directly linked to Clicplanning's activities.

The data you supply us with is stored in Clicplanning's computer databases and may be used by Clicplanning to make website visit statistics with a view to improving content, service and product offerings.

Clicplanning makes every best effort to protect all of your data and information stored on our website and in our databases. Such data is classified confidential and will never be conveyed to third parties, except within a legal context or following a court order.

15.4. Conveyance of personal data

In no event shall we communicate your data to any third party having no direct ties with our activities, without your consent, except within the context of legal proceedings. Nonetheless, we will communicate your data to our subcontractors acting on our behalf, such as any delivery services or secure Internet payment services. These third parties will only use your data in accordance with our instructions and will not be authorised to use it on their own half or to convey it to other persons.

15.5. Protection of your personal data

Clicplanning has set up security measures in order to protect the confidentiality of your personal data on password-protected computers . These security measures cover the safe-keeping and communication of your personal data as well as access thereo.

Clicplanning takes every possible measure to ensure that your order and payment data (credit card number) is protected. Payment data is encrypted and transmitted over secure pages. However, it should be noted that online purchases through this website are conducted under your responsibility.

Clicplanning will never communicate your personal data outside the European Economic Space without your consent.

15.6. Modification / deletion of your personal data

The data we store is as accurate as the data you supplied to us. You are legally entitled to receive a copy of the data we store by writing to us at the following address :

Sybex International SPRL

Avenue de la Couronne 311

1050 Brussels



On your written request, we undertake to modify, update or delete your data in our database.

15.7. Your Agreement

By using the Clicplanning website, you accept Clicplanning's privacy policy and agree that Clicplanning collect and use your data in compliance with the provisions contained in these General Terms.

Unless notified in advance to the contrary by the client, during the contractual period and six months after termination thereof, Sybex International SPRL shall be entitled to use the name, marks and logos of the client, solely within the framework of its communications on the Clicplanning product.

The client grants Sybex International SPRL the right to transmit to the client's website from Clicplanning's website Clicplanning's online services and all of its other communication tools.

Within the framework of the encryption module, the client authorises Clicplanning to display in all e-mails sent out every mention it deems necessary for a proper understanding of the system and its protection, and in particular a link back to the homepage of Clicplanning's website.

15.8. Change of policy

Should we modify our policy regarding the protection of privacy - the Clicplanning site being active - we will display the changes on our homepage so that you may note them. Should we use your data in any other way than is described in these General Terms, we will advise you in order to obtain your agreement as necessary.

15.9. Links

Our website may contain links to other websites. Other sites may also have links to our site. Clicplanning shall not be held liable for the practices of these websites in regard to your personal data. If you use them, our advice is to read the privacy protection policies of such sites.

15.10. Cookies and IP

Our site uses cookies. Cookies are data which remains in your browser in a text file named "cookie.txt". Every time you browse our site, the cookie is sent back to our site and enables us temporarily to store your use of our site (language used, ...). This enables us to personalise the pages as a function of your use thereof. When you quit your browser, the cookie terminates. It is possible to program your browser such that it warns you when a cookie reaches your computer or such as to reject cookies. In the latter case, our site will not operate optimally.

Article 16 Complaints and customer service

Any complaints or information on Clicplanning services may be sent to Sybex International SPRL par e-mail to

Article 17 Legislation applicable, languages and jurisdictions

The present contract is governed by Belgian law.

All disputes relating to the interpretation of this contract shall be subject to the jurisdictions of the district of Brussels, the Justice of the Peace of Ixelles, should the need arise, being competent.

Any translation of these terms in a language different from French will be provided by Clicplanning for information only. The French text is authentic and takes precedence for any interpretation which may arise from the application and understanding of these General Terms and the User Charter.

Proceedings shall necessarily be conducted in French.